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      I am continually mistaking you for the bride, Lady Wyndover, he said; and, really, this has been so successful a performance that I am almost tempted to arrange a repetition for my own benefit. Would you be very much shocked if I were to propose to you after they have all gone?I dont understand, she said. Who is that old gentleman with the white hair and large nose?

      To construct Belfayre Bay, say three quarters of a million; new orchid houses, five thousand pounds; a fresh lot of gee-gees for the stables, so many more thousands; other projects necessitating lavish expenditure, so many more thousands. And, mind you, my dear Trafford, it would not be easy to divert him from his intention without telling him the truth. Now, I have as much courage as the common or garden coward, but I am forced to confess that I should not like the task of informing the duke that he hasnt, so to speak, a penny in the world, and that Belfayre is on the verge of ruin.She and Hilary were paired at table and talked of Flora, he telling how good a friend to her Flora was. The topic was easier, between them, than at any other time since the loss of the gold. Always before, she had felt him thinking of that loss and trying to guess something about her; but now she did not, for on Sunday, in the cathedral, Flora had told her at last, ever so gratefully and circumstantially, that she had repaid the Captain everything! yes, the same day on which she had first told Anna of the loss; and there was nothing now left to do but for her to reimburse Anna the moment she could.

      She is lovely! exclaimed Lord Selvaine, softly. And she is as charming as she is beautiful. Such innocence andand freshness! I declare to you that if I were a marrying man, and, say, a trifle of twenty years younger, I should be in love with her. By Jove! I am in love with her as it is!

      Trafford shook his head.

      He went on talking, and she responded now and againthey were acting for the benefit of the parlor-maid. When the girl had left the room, they fell into a silence; but Trafford struggled against it. They could not go through the whole of their lives sitting mum-chance opposite each other.



      Yes, said Johnson. Hes just ridden in. He aint made much of a stay. I heard at the stables that there was some trouble at Three Starsomething in which his ward, Esmeralda, was concerned.


      Have you been looking for her? he asked, pacing up and down.