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      A drawing being inked in, the next things are tints, dimension, and centre lines. The centre lines should be in red ink, and pass through all points of the drawing that have an axial centre, or where the work is similar and balanced on each side of the line. This rule is a little obscure, but will be best understood if studied in connection with a drawing, and perhaps as well [84] remembered without further explanation.

      "No," she said shortly. "You had better bet."

      Dick, examining with the thoroughness of an expert, with Jeffs and his chums life perhaps depending on his care, stated that he saw no damage to the waterproofed coverings of the water supports. Declaring that they would stand by and watch the airplane, Sandy and Dick watched Larry and Jeff get settled, Dick spun the propeller to pump gas into the still heated cylinders, Jeff gave the switch-oncontact! call, Dick, pulling down on the prop, sprang aside to avoid its flailing blades, and the amphibians engine took up its roar.

      Smoke! He turned the focusing adjustment a trifle. Too soon to signalit may be an oil-burning steamer and not the yachtor a rum-runner of a revenue patrolits thick, black oil smoke, the sort the yacht would giveit is a small boatyes


      WellPop! Here comes our mystery back again!Men and women tried to break through the German cordon, but were repulsed roughly. So they threw fruit, cigars, and cigarettes at them. The lads looked gratefully at their compatriots, but for the rest stared in front of them in dismal depression. Once and again a name was called, as a relative or friend was recognised. Some shed tears.


      In those days German Headquarters gave continuously the thoughtless order: "To Calais, to237 Calais," and the Staff considered no difficulties, calculated no sacrifices, in order to achieve success.


      Every one remembers the classification of water-wheels met with in the older school-books on natural philosophy, where we are informed that there are three kinds of wheels, as there were "three kinds of levers"namely, overshot, undershot, and breast wheelswith a brief notice of Barker's mill, which ran apparently without any sufficient cause for doing so. Without finding fault with the plan of describing water-power commonly adopted in elementary books, farther than to say that some explanation of the principles by which power is derived from the water would have been more useful, I will venture upon a different classification of water-wheels, more in accord with modern practice, but without reference to the special mechanism of the different wheels, except when unavoidable. Water-wheels can be divided into four general types.The history of the destruction of Vis affords also interesting support to my opinion, as previously expressed, that the violent actions of the Germans took place according to a fully thought-out design.