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      He was half disappointed, half pleased. But, wisely, he gave up the idea of conveying to her that there was anything more than business for him in her working among his books. If she understood that her handling them, her passing hours in his room, her preparing his catalogue was something so utterly different from what it would have been if any one else was doing it for him, she would have found the hint of that in what he had said. If she did notwell, it was exactly there that the disappointment came in. He pulled his chair a little nearer to the table again, where his work lay.

      Kind of you, remarked Charles. My{95} sister designed and cut a book-plate for him, sir.

      "Would it not be better to await her trial, and should she be found guilty, petition the king for a pardon?"Already the turnpike gates had disappeared from the greater part of Sussex, but they still lingered in the Rye district, for various reasons, not always bearing close[Pg 305] inspection. There had been an anti-toll party both before and after the famous Scott's Float gate had catastrophically ended Reuben's political careerand at last this had carried the day. All the gates were to come down except those on the Military Road, and the neighbourhood was to celebrate their abolition by burning them in tar.

      When the congregation rose to sing Reuben held his head proudly and his shoulders square. He felt himself a match for any youngster.I shall get it done well before Christmas, whispered Alice.

      "The base-born kern," replied Byles, fiercely; "he shall answer"

      "Some people marry for love."


      "But not too late."Chapter 8


      Dont look at my feet, she said gaily. They{141} are officially invisible like the legs of the Queen of Spain.


      He shook hands with her and Alice, just whispering to the latter, Thank you once more, and went out with his host. Through the open window of the drawing-room they could hear him whistling Oh, happy band of pilgrims, as he ran lightly along Alfred Road to be scolded by his housekeeper.