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      "Tell him all you know."

      "Yes," I replied, "in that direction."

      Clickclickclickerty clickclicker clickerclicker And so on, becoming louder and louder until at last it stopped, and its place was taken by the dull pitter-patter of footsteps coming nearer and nearer. There was a little harsh snort that might have been intended for a sigh, and then a voice.

      Under the broad-brimmed hat her smile grew to a sparkle. "No, I enjoy it."

      The flap fell again and my panic was turned into a joy qualified only by a reduced esteem for my general as a judge of character.

      "Do enlighten us a little," Hetty pleaded.


      "A question that can never be solved," the Countess gasped.It is important, in asking questions, to consider the mood and present occupation of the person addressed; one question asked when a man's mind is not too much occupied, and when he is in a communicative humour, is worth a dozen questions asked when he is engaged, and not disposed to talk.