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      [229] Copie du Testament du deffunt Sr. de la Salle, 11 Ao?t, 1681. The relative was Fran?ois Plet, to whom he was deeply in debt.

      the Jesuit Charlevoix, with the excellent annotation of Mr.

      [69] Faillon, Colonie Fran?aise, iii. 497, and manuscript authorities there cited. I have examined the principal of these. Faillon himself is a priest of St. Sulpice. Compare H. Verreau, Les Deux Abbs de Fnelon, chap. vii.

      [237]The nation of the Akanseas, Alkansas, or Arkansas, dwelt on the west bank of the Mississippi, near the mouth of the Arkansas. They were divided into four tribes, living for the most part in separate villages. Those first visited by La Salle were the Kappas, or Quapaws, a remnant of whom still subsists. The others were the Topingas, or Tongengas; the Torimans; and the Osotouoy, or Sauthouis. According to Charlevoix, who saw them in 1721, they were regarded as the tallest and best-formed Indians in America, and were known as les Beaux Hommes. Gravier says that they once lived on the Ohio. **** Commission de Lieutenant Gnral en Canada, etc., pour

      Strange as it may seem, this woman, whose habitual state was one of mystical abstraction, was gifted to a rare degree with the faculties most useful in the practical affairs of life. She had spent several years in the house of her brother-in-law. Here, on the one hand, her vigils, visions, and penances set utterly at nought the order of a well-governed family; while, on the other, she made amends to her impatient relative by able and efficient aid in the conduct of his public and private affairs. Her biographers say, and doubtless with truth, that her heart was far away from these mundane interests; yet her talent for business was not the less displayed. Her spiritual guides were aware of it, and saw clearly that gifts so useful to the world might be made equally useful to the Church. Hence it was that she was chosen Superior 180 of the convent which Madame de la Peltrie was about to endow at Quebec. [14][3] Relation, 1633, 7. He continues: "Ie ne s?aurois assez rendre graces Nostre Seigneur de cet heureux rencontre. Que Dieu soit beny pour vn iamais, sa prouidence est adorable, et sa bont n'a point de limites"

      The explorers passed three miles beyond it, and encamped for the night on the banks of Chippewa Creek, scraping away the snow, which was a foot deep, in order to kindle a fire. In the morning they retraced their steps, startling a number of deer and wild turkeys on their way, and rejoined their companions at the mouth of the river.

      *** Considrations sur lEtat du Canada, 1758.[Pg 446]


      But here, for the present, we pause; for the father touches on other matters than the coureurs de bois, and we reserve him and his letter for the next chapter.


      The friar bade farewell to La Salle, and embraced all the rest in turn. Father Ribourde gave him his benediction. "Be of good courage and let your heart be comforted," said the excellent old missionary, as he spread his hands in benediction over the shaven crown of the reverend traveller. Du Gay and Accau plied their paddles; the canoe receded, and vanished at length behind the forest. We will follow Hennepin hereafter on his adventures, imaginary and real. Meanwhile, we will trace the footsteps of his chief, urging his way, in the storms of winter, through those vast and gloomy wilds,those realms of famine, treachery, and death,that lay betwixt him and his far-distant goal of Fort Frontenac.


      That is no easy matter, replied Polycles, who found a secret satisfaction in being entreated to do what he himself intended. Its no easy matter, I tell you.