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      Esmeralda, you must not stay. You really must not! There is so much to do still.

      She looked at him thoughtfully.

      Im feared he be, she said. Hes in a kind o fever through havin that bullet in him so long. After a pause she remarked: Hes main pretty to look at, aint he, Ralda? Like a girl amost, with them eyes and that hair.

      I know now! he said in the tone of triumph and satisfaction we use when we have succeeded in remembering. It was you who caught Lady Adas horse in the park yesterday.All was finished. Neither Church nor law could do anything more towards making the lovers man and wife. The law might undo the bond for them in the time to come, but the part of the Church was done for ever. In the eye of the Church their union was indissoluble.

      Dont you feel dying to spend some of this money? she said.


      For two reasons, he said; first, because I am old enough to be your real father; and secondly, because I should wish my ward to marry some one better than a professional gambler.



      I have been guilty; I have pleaded guilty to your accusation, Esmeralda, he said, at last. What do you wish me to doto have done? I will do anything; I owe it to you.