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      I think not, said Varley.Her husband looked at her heart-brokenly. Weak and tired. Yes; there were all the signs of failing life in those languid movements of the long, slender limbs, in the transparent pallor of the ethereal countenance. Decay was lovely in this fair young form; but he felt that it was decay. There must be something done to stop Misfortune's hastening feet.

      And your cousin will be the duke when his cousin dies? she said, as if she were trying to understand.

      "Forgotten! No, no, no! There is no one in the world so good and true as you are. I love you with all my heart and soul."

      "Sorry! No! I am gladglad with all my heart. I have waited for that."

      "No. I was born at Dinan."

      "Mr. Unwick wants a witness to our business," she remarked, grimly, to Bergan. "Well, here's the child, and there's the money that he's to pay me for't. It's a fair bargain, and I don't mean to shirk it; though I'd rather keep the child, a good deal, myself. But my husband 'ud rather have the money; and he's captain."You cant stand aside, with a shrug of your shoulders, and see the family title go down. Rank has its obligations and duties as well as its privileges.