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      Trafford held his breath, for though the horse was a good one, he did not know whether it would clear the posts or refuse, and, perhaps, throw its rider; but the mare, urged by a touch of the whip, rose freely, and went over like a bird.

      Dreadful! he said, smiling, and looking round. But it will soon be over. To-morrow you will be out of all this hullabaloo.

      Yes; the girl I introduced you to. You must admit that she is beautiful enoughChapter 2 SWIFT FEET.

      In that tranquil atmosphere Isola used to dream of her absent husband and of that mystical world of the East which seemed made up of dreamsthe world of Brahma and Buddha, of jewel-bedecked Rajahs and Palace-tombsworld of beauty and of terror; of tropical forests, tigers, orchids, serpents, elephants, Thugs.She hasnt got any other name that I ever heard of, said Esmeralda.

      That night, when the village was hushed in sleep, a boatful of sailors landed at the little hard near the railway[Pg 165] station at Fowey, and half a dozen stalwart blue-jackets might have been seen tramping along the old railway track to Trelasco, one carrying a crowbar, another a carpenter's basket. And under the autumn stars that night in the woods of Glenaveril, while Vansittart Crowther slept the sleep of the just man who payeth his twenty shillings in the pound, there rose the sound of a sea-song and the cheery chorus of the sailors, with a rhythmic accompaniment of hammering; and lo, when the October morning visited those yellowing woods, and when Mr. Crowther's gamekeeper went on his morning round, the gate at either end of the church path was wrenched off its hinges, and was lying on the ground. Staple and bolt, padlock and iron hinges, were lying among the dewy dock-leaves and the yellowing fern; and there was free passage between the village of Trelasco and the House of God.




      "There was no seeming in it, Isola. I was knocked over at once, like a pigeon out of a trap. I had been in love with you three weeksthree centuries it seemedbefore I could screw up my courage so far as to think of proposing for you. And then if Hazelrigg hadn't helped me with your father, I don't suppose I should ever have broken the ice. But when hethe colonelshowed himself so frank and willingand the way was all made smooth for me from a domestic point of viewand when I saw that kind little look in your eyes, and the shy little smileyes, you are smiling so nowI took heart of grace, and stormed the citadel. Do you remember the evening I asked you to be my wife, Isola; that starlit night when I had been dining with your people, and you and Gwendolen, and Hazelrigg and I went out upon the terrace to look at the stars, and the river, and the twinkling lights of the boats down by the quay, and the diligence driving over the bridge, deep, deep down in the valley below us? Do you remember how I lured you away from the other two, and how we stood under the vine-leaves in the berceau, and I found the words somehowfeeblest, stupidest words, I'm afraidto make you know that all the happiness of my life to come depended upon winning you for my wife?"