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      The speaker was a little disconcerted, but recovered his composure.

      XII.This meeting caused a change of plan. Joliet showed the priests a map which he had made of such parts of the Upper Lakes as he had visited, and gave them a copy of it; telling them, at the same time, of the Pottawattamies and other tribes of that region in grievous need of spiritual succor. The result was a determination on their part to follow the route which he suggested, notwithstanding the remonstrances of La Salle, who in vain reminded them that the Jesuits had preoccupied the field, and would regard them as intruders. They resolved that the Pottawattamies should no longer sit in darkness; while, as for the Mississippi, it could be reached, as they conceived, with less risk by this northern route than by that of the south.

      Where are you from, Phorion? asked pallid Deinocrates."Against what?"

      Periphas bent softly over the sleeper and listened to her calm, regular breathing. He felt like a thief who dreads being caught, and thought with terror that she might open her eyes. But when his glance fell upon the white foot that peeped from under the garments, he mentally compared Byssa to the Pelasgian women who, according to ancient custom, climbed the mountains to bring the shepherds food, and with their brown skins and muscular figures closely resembled beasts of burden. He could not avert his gaze from the bare foot. It seemed to him a perfect marvel and, even at the risk of waking Byssa, he could not refrain from touching it. Slowly and cautiously extending his huge hand, he took hold of it as gently as if it had been a little bird.

      "Our old horse fell into the well

      "Hilary?" frowningly asked Adolphe.


      The same word reached New Orleans about the same date. Flora, returning from a call on Irby, brought it to her grandmother. In the middle of their sitting-room, with the worst done-for look yet, standing behind a frail chair whose back she gripped with both hands, she meditatively said--Lamon and Sthenelus uttered a murmur of disapproval.


      No one replied.


      "We are of earth," he continued, "and to earth we must return; twenty years more or less can matter little;" and, turning to the Adelantado, he bade him do his will.Miscou ? Tadoussac ? Journeys of De Quen ? Druilletes ? His Winter with the Montagnais ? Influence of the Missions ? The Abenaquis ? Druilletes on the Kennebec ? His Embassy to Boston ? Gibbons ? Dudley ? Bradford ? Eliot ? Endicott ? French and Puritan Colonization ? Failure of Druilletes's Embassy ? New Regulations ? New-Year's Day at Quebec.