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      "Hello, thar! Help! Help!" came across the waters in agonized tones, which at the same time had some thing familiar in them.This is the end.

      JUNE 23, 1863, ended the Army of the Cumberland's six months of wearisome inaction around Murfreesboro its half-year of tiresome fort-building, drilling, picketing and scouting."Neither of us is a-going to die till we've put down this damned rebellion, and got home and married our girls," gasped Shorty with grim effort. "You can jist telegraph that home, and to ole Abe Lincoln, and to all whom it may concern."

      "There, you kin see 'em for yourself."As they wound around and over the hills in front, they saw the "reserves," the "grand guard," and finally the pickets with their reserves drawn in, packed up ready for marching, and waiting for their regiments to come up, when they would fall-in.

      "Nary a pie. If I ketch a boy eatin' a pie after we cross the river I'll buck-and-gag him. Stick to plain hardtack and pork. You'll git to like it better'n cake by and by. I eat it right along in preference to the finest cake ever baked."

      mi pen iz bAd, mi ink iz pAle, send thAt gun & NEVEr f ALE.

      "Yes, and the Orderly said that railroad 'Mick'Hennesseywas the Sarjint in command."

      Just then the whistle blew for a stop.


      "Never mind, Shorty," said the Deacon, pityingly; "I'll manage to find you something that'll be better for you than that stuff."


      "Yours, for example," promptly responded Shorty, sending out his mighty right against the man's head.


      "Since we have acquitted the principal, it would be foolish to try the accessory," said Maj. Truax. "Say the same thing to him. Now, let's get down to business. Bring in that man that skulked when the boys were going for that abatis. I want to make an example of him, for the good of the service."