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      Next morning was fine, a morning so bright and balmy that the month might have been mistaken for September. Isola ran down to the garden in her neat little morning frock and linen collar, and ran about among the shrubs and autumn flowers in a much gayer mood than that of yesterday. She loved her gardensmall and modest as it was in comparison with the grounds and gardens of her county neighboursand on a morning like this it was rapture to her to run from flower to flower, and from shrub to shrub, with her great garden scissors in her hand, and her garden basket hanging over her arm, clipping a withered leaf or a fading flower every here and there, or plucking up those little groundsel plants which seem the perpetual expression of the earth's fertility.Where is there a woman who can compare with her? demanded Lord Selvaine in the same soft voice, and looking, not at his nephew, but at the smoke which rose from his own cigarette. I grant you that she iswell, rather green, but it is the green of the lily, the freshness of the mountain ash, which will wear off, alas! before the season has passed.

      Your mothers? Havent you got a father?

      "Good night. You would be earlier if you would trust to the boat."

      "Where can my nephew be?" he exclaimed in perplexity and even displeasure.He looked at her and smiled.

      Hours went by, she knew not how. Again and again Lostwithiel came to her door, and talked and entreatedHeaven knows how tenderlywith what deep contrition, with what fond pleading for pardon. But the dumb devil held her still. She wrapped herself in a sullen despairnot anger, for anger is active. Hers was only a supine resistance.Shall I? said Esmeralda.

      Her beauty had by this time dawned upon him, and not only her beauty, but her girlishness. His smile grew more paternal, and he patted her hand, which he still held.

      The gate is lower down, he said; but Esmeralda laughed, and with a cool Can she jump? put the mare at the fence.Yes, yes; we will go, said Trafford. He kissed Esmeraldas hand. She turned, as she left the room, and looked at[165] both men. There was the same appealing expression in her eyes as they rested upon Trafford.




      Allegra was not inexorable. There, in the ruins of the Imperial baths, where Shelley dreamed the wonder-dream of his Prometheus, Captain Hulbert pleaded his cause. Could love resist the pleading of so fond a lover? Could art withstand the allurements of VeniceTitian and Tintoret, the cathedral of St. Mark and the Palace of the Doges, the birthplace of Desdemona and of Shylock, the home of Byron and of Browning?There will be plenty of room for them at Belfayre, said Lady Wyndover, with a sigh of profound satisfaction. Of course, you will live there. The duke is an old man, and will be glad to have you and Trafford with him. He is so fond of you, dear. Of course, I dont know what plans youve made[156] about the honey-moon, but you might spend it at that pretty little place of mine in Surrey. You havent seen it yet. It really is a charming place; quite a box, of course; but it will be quite large enough for you two. I think its a mistake for a newly married couple to go to a big house, with a mob of servants; they want to be alone, to moon about, and all that. But, perhaps, you would like to go on the Continent.