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      It was hard for the wise one not to look guilty.

      "Ah, let me be glad for you, Flora, let me be glad for you! Oh, think of it! You have him! have him at home, to look upon, to touch, to call by name! and to be looked upon by him and touched and called by name! Oh, God in heaven! God in heaven!""Don't scorn me, Connie. What's the explanation?"

      Ever since she came back to Three Star, I have longed to meet you. I have lain awake, tortured by the desire to grasp you by the throat and call you to account. I am not a religious man, but I have prayed, actually prayed for this hour. And it has come!

      Trafford looked before him, his eyes fixed sternly, his lips drawn.


      Welcome home, my dear! he said in his thin, quavering voice. It is very good of you to come so soon.It was an unlucky speech.


      I thought that you were absent, he said.Next day, dining with Doctor Sevier, said the Doctor, "That chap's working himself to death, Anna," and gave his fair guest such a stern white look that she had to answer flippantly.


      It should be done at once, and it must be the size of the others in the hall. There will not be a more beautiful face there. I should like a miniature also, to place with the others in the cabinet. I do not know who is now most famous for miniatures; but you will know, Trafford. Please do not lose any time over the matter; it is really an obligatory one.