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      Oh! all sorts of things. A little of everything. I was head man at a livery-stable for a timethe man under me was the son of an Irish viscount. Sounds funny, doesnt it? He laughed. Then I went to the gold diggings.

      Yes; oh, yes! Lady Blankyres parties are always successful. Does that cigarette suit you, or will you have a Turkish?

      Barker looked at her. To that knowing young person such innocence and absence of self-consciousness seemed almost uncanny and quite incredible.I dont know, said Esmeralda, with a puzzled air. Why should the men want to marry me? And what does it matter? Im not obliged to marry any of them.

      How do you do, Miss Chetwynde? she said. It is very good of Lady Wyndover to bring you to me before any one else!I am married now, andand it is too late; you can have the money

      The Dogs Ear men grinned discreetly, and with sidelong glances at the shining revolvers of their captors.

      You, a gentleman, ask mebelieving me to be what you sayto come back to you!For some things, yes; for others, no, said Esmeralda. But that is, perhaps, because Im strange, and things are so different.


      She started, as if she had forgotten his presence, and the color rose to her face, then it went again, and left her pale, and with something like tears in her eyes.She was sobbing as if her heart would break as they rode back to the hut, for the mighty torrent of love which had been poured out upon her had swept away her power of self-restraint. But not even Varley guessed that her tears were caused not only by the reception which had been accorded her, but by that aching love for Trafford which still throbbed through her whole heart.


      Do you think, he said, that I have acted wisely, or unwisely, and perhaps cruelly, in coming to you and telling you this? If so, I will ask you to forgive me, and not to think unkindly of me, now that we are really parting forever.