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      The two men waited with intense gravity.

      "No use," chanted Madame with enjoyment; "the other one is not coming."

      When the ducal party drove to the church, they found it almost filled with the other guests and a large number of the uninvited public, some of whom had been waiting for hours for the doors to be opened. For this was, as Lady Wyndover had said, to be the wedding of the season.

      "Yes, the war was already a fact."

      Constance would not speak until their eyes met again. Then she asked, "Did Charlie and Flora give him any chance--to express himself?"

      She opened the door and listened. The great house was very quiet; there was no sound but the ticking of the tall clock that stood in the hall and the heavy breathing of the great hound which lay on the rug before the fire-place.No, no, she said; it will be quite warm out there. I hate being smothered up.


      He nodded.


      "Kincaid's Battery hell! You get those ladies out o' this as fast as them mules can skedaddle."