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      The blood was oozing from a little wound in her shoulder; he could feel her heart beat, though faintly, under his hand.

      Lord Selvaine was on the terrace as they rode up, and he came forward to help Esmeralda down.

      The Northerner softly assented."And with Kincaid at the head!" softly cried the antique.

      Bartleson advanced from the line: "By section!" he called, "right wheel--"

      Trafford went upstairs, preceded by one of the footmen, who opened the door leading from the corridor to the suite of rooms always set apart and kept in perfect readiness for the marquis. They were among the best and stateliest in the house, as befitted the future duke and master; but, although they were magnificently and perfectly appointed, it may be hazarded that Trafford was quite as comfortable in his much smaller and more modest chambers in the Albany. His valet, who had come down in the same train, and ridden on the box-seat of the barouche, assisted his master to change his clothes; then Trafford went down-stairs, and into the library.Her bosom heaved, and her eyes, dry and burning, gazed vacantly at the sky, now reddening with the setting sun.


      "Ho-o, not by a jug-full! If ever I feel her harpoon in me I'll fight like a whale! But I promise you this, and warn you, too: That when it comes to that, a whole platoon of Fred Greenleafs between her and me won't make a pinch of difference."



      What has happened? she asked under her breath.