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      The salon of the famous Mme. Geoffrin was the great resort of philosophers, literary men of different kinds, painters, musicians, and celebrities of various countries, people distinguished in the political world, or belonging to the court and the great noblesse, French and foreign.Sister of Charity, is that it? No, no; you must take a more active part; you must stand in the tribune, and kindle the sacred fire in those who are not already burning with the religion of the Revolution. Already I can feel the fire of your words. And he drew nearer to her.

      But neither her children nor her charitable and religious duties, absorbing as they were to her, could exclude her from intense excitement and interest in the political events going on around her. The questions discussed were so vital, and the changes so sweeping, that every phase of life was affected by them.

      "Oh, one gets enough of that on shore, there is no need to go further."

      However they were none of them in the same danger that she would have been had she remained at Paris. None of them were at all conspicuous, and as far as any one could be said to be tolerably safe in France under the new reign of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, they might be supposed to be so."Good night. You would be earlier if you would trust to the boat."


      "Mr. Colfox will not make much impression either on your claret or your schnapps," said Disney, laughing. "He[Pg 159] is almost as temperate as one of those terrible anchorites in the novel we were reading the other day'Homo Sum.'""THE WOODS ARE ROUND US, HEAPED AND DIM."


      Do not say a word to any one, said the Prince. I will undertake to turn out the insolent fellow without making a scandal, unless you will do it yourself.


      An air of gloom was over them all. Mademoiselle dOrlans was crying bitterly. Mme. de Genlis, as she restored her to her fathers care, in the presence of the rest, told him that she resigned her post of governess, and should start for England the next morning.