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      From any other man the assertion would have been received with incredulous amusement; but Varleys word was always ever so much better than any other mans bond, and the group stared at him with amazement. He finished his cigarette and sauntered out. Half an hour later he was mounted on his mare, who looked as if she had just come fresh from the stable after a weeks rest, and was going at an easy swing out of the embryo town.Oh, very well, said Esmeralda, contentedly.

      You will be quite safe, sir, said Trafford, who, with the two ladies and Lord Selvaine, saw them off.Why do you say poor old Trafford? she asked.

      Trafford smiled as he thought of the sum which the House Farm cost to keep up.

      Of course you were, he said, eagerly; andand so was I. Id only come back to England the night before, and I didnt know that you had changed your nameI mean, that you were Miss Chetwynde, the millionairess.Esmeralda opened the door.

      She looked at the horses ears again, and her lips trembled.




      Would to God you had never gone there, he said.