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      "If you speak like that I'll say 'poor Reuben.'"

      "We've come," sobbed Tilly, "we've come to beg you to be merciful."VIEW AT CAPE HORN, CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILWAY. VIEW AT CAPE HORN, CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILWAY.

      He shook hands with her and Alice, just whispering to the latter, Thank you once more, and went out with his host. Through the open window of the drawing-room they could hear him whistling Oh, happy band of pilgrims, as he ran lightly along Alfred Road to be scolded by his housekeeper.

      "Aye, and I have need of mercy," returned the galleyman, "more need than he, whoever he was. But see, my mates are coming;we must fall to work, for the night is wearing."Though it breaks my heart to go



      Keeling picked up the Singleton Morte dArthur and carefully blew a grain of cigarette ash from the opened page.


      Norah brought him over the typed letter.No sound escaped them, and it was only the quick footsteps on the pavement that attracted attention. But ere the alarm was given, the intruders had reached the keep. The smith, with astonishing celerity, picked the huge lock of the lower dungeon, in which, by virtue of former experience, he imagined the father was confined; and beheld, by a torch, which they had now lighted, what fired even the most sluggish soul among them. The monk lay stretched on the ground, nearly divested of covering, with his arms and legs drawn by cords attached to iron rings in the four corners of the cell, and with iron weights pressing upon his chest.