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      Jr?me Le Royer de la Dauversire

      Juchereau, H?tel-Dieu. She died in 1714, at the age of chap. i. The same story is told by Juchereau, Lalemant, and

      not taken from institutions of charity usually belonged to the families of peasants overburdened with children, and glad to find the chance of establishing them. * How some of them were obtained appears from a letter of Colbert to Harlay, Archbishop of Rouen. As, in the parishes about Rouen, he writes, fifty or sixty girls might be found who would be very glad to go to Canada to be married, I beg you to employ your credit and authority with the curs of thirty or forty of these parishes, to try to find in each of them one or two girls disposed to go voluntarily for the sake of a settlement in life. **

      Reproduced by Andr & Sleigh, Ltd., Bushey, Herts.

      To examine and distinguish all the different sorts[120] of crimes and the manner of punishing them would now be our natural task, were it not that their nature, which varies with the different circumstances of times and places, would compel us to enter upon too vast and wearisome a mass of detail. But it will suffice to indicate the most general principles and the most pernicious and common errors, in order to undeceive no less those who, from a mistaken love of liberty, would introduce anarchy, than those who would be glad to reduce their fellow-men to the uniform regularity of a convent.


      his hands during twelve years or more, and which are valued



      Mr. Jemison, as commissioner for distributing a million and a half of this compensation money! 1,200