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      "It was too bad of you not to come to me yesterday morning, as you promised," Gwendolen said to her sister. "I stayed indoors till after luncheon on your account; and the days are so short at this time of year. I couldn't do any shopping."He went back to town the next day, and took a hansom to the house in Eaton Square, in which Lady Ada Lancing lived with her guardian, Lady Grange. He asked for Lady Ada, and was shown into the small drawing-room, and stood gnawing his under lip, and looking out of the window, with eyes that saw nothing, waiting for her to appear.

      I know, she said, almost inaudibly.

      She felt that she had exchanged security, the protection of a beautiful and well-ordered home, and the society of those she loved and respected, for dependence and danger.

      "That letter which I never receivedtelling me of that visit to which you made no allusion in any of your later letters. It was about that time, I think, that you fell off as a correspondentleft off telling me all the little details of your lifewhich in your earlier letters seemed to shorten the distance between us."

      Allegra gave a little scream, and almost dropped her cup."A little."

      "I am very sorry for you, Mrs. Disney," she said. "You are young and pretty, and you are very much to be pitiedand God knows I have loved you as if you were my own flesh and blood. But I won't stay under the roof of a wife who has brought shame upon herself and has dishonoured the best of husbands."

      "I have no doubt he will come. It will be the most natural thing for him to do. You will see the white sails some afternoon, glorified in the sunset, like that boat yonder with its amethyst-coloured sail."Martin Disney was ready to obey. He and Allegra took counsel together, and thenin the lightest strain, one evening after dinnerthey discussed the notion of a change.


      "Better spirits, I hope. Not quite so mopy?"[11]


      As we have mentioned, the agents of the King of Prussia were45 eager to kidnap tall men, in whatever country they could find them. This greatly exasperated the rulers of the various realms of all sizes and conditions which surrounded the Prussian territory. Frederick William was always ready to apologize, and to aver that each individual act was done without his orders or knowledge. Still, there was no abatement of this nuisance. Several seizures had been made in Hanover, which was the hereditary domain of George I., King of England. George was very angry. He was increasingly obstinate in withholding his assent to the double marriage, and even, by way of reprisal, seized several of the subjects of Frederick William, whom he caught in Hanover.


      The two men shook hands, and then John Hulbert seated himself on the opposite side of the hearth, and they began to talk earnestly of the future, Martin Disney speaking with fond affection of the sister who had been to him almost as a daughter.The following song, one of the many circulating at the time, is a specimen of the least objectionable of its kind: