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      "You mean about the railway?" said Riever. "I could put it through with a nod of my head if I chose.""I arrest you both," said he. "You are men that180 we've been looking for. You'll stay right there in your seats till we get to Murfreesboro', and this man 'll see that you do."

      "Not in the least!" said Pen.

      "It is comfortable not to have to make pretenses," Pen said. That was as near as she could come to philandering.

      "Best to proceed very slowly, sir!" said Hackett, pale with agitation.

      "We must go."She walked on, taking care not to hurry herself. But her heart was beating with a bird's wings.

      A fantastic tangle of wild grape, trumpet vine, elder bush and sassafras completely hid the rail fences and hemmed her in on either hand, and an occasional pointed cedar or seedling cherry rose against the night sky. The middle of the road and the screen of leafage on one side were drenched with moonlight. The moon dangled in the sky like a hanging lamp: one could see into the depths beyond her.

      Pen looked at him levelly. "Let's be frank with each other, Dad. If you have any notion of Mr. Riever and I making a match of it, I beg that you will put it out of your head. The idea is preposterous!"


      "If you give him up to me I'll double it!" he said meaningly."I'd pay my own."


      "You are going to clear yourself."