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      Please, he said, with a little air of command.

      Where is there a woman who can compare with her? demanded Lord Selvaine in the same soft voice, and looking, not at his nephew, but at the smoke which rose from his own cigarette. I grant you that she iswell, rather green, but it is the green of the lily, the freshness of the mountain ash, which will wear off, alas! before the season has passed.She paused on the threshold of the room, as if she feared she was intruding; but at a sign from Trafford, as the three men rosefor the duke would rather have died in his chair than remain seated when a lady entered the roomshe came forward, and offered her cheek to Trafford and Lord Selvaine.

      Yes, sir, said Trafford again. His quietude and lack of enthusiasm seemed to strike the old man; and he looked at him with a faint surprise, then he smiled."Mary, Queen of Scots!" rejoiced Hilary. "That'll suit us both to the bone! And if it suits you too--"

      What is it you are driving at? asked Lord Trafford, impatiently.

      If you like, she said, resignedly.


      He went to his place at the other end of the table, and, to their mutual relief, the neat parlor-maid came in to wait upon them.


      Varley drew a long breath."At last," playfully sighed the Creole, "'tis good-by, Kincaid's Battery. Good-by, you hun'red good fellows, with yo' hun'red horses and yo' hun'red wheels and yo' hun'red hurras."