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      "Better do something with that cow right off," advised the first-comer, as he walked off. "You can't keep her in camp all day. Somebody'll git her away from you if they have to take her by main force."

      They came in such numbers that Si was startled. He drew his men together, and looked anxiously back to see how near the regiment had come.

      "You dumbed, measly coward," said Si. "I told you I'd blow your head offen you if you didn't stay by them mules. I ought to do it."Si filled his cup "heaping-full" with coffee, climbed down the bank and waded out into the middle of the water. The rebel met him there, while his companion and Shorty stood on the banks above and watched the trade.

      Shorty jumped to his feet in a shudder of alarm, and exclaimed:


      "O, dry up, Shorty. I don't believe going to church done you a mite o' good. I tell you it done me lots." Shouting the battle cry of freedom,



      Si and Shorty waded around to unhitch the struggling mules, and then, taking poles in hand to steady themselves, took their stations in the stream where they could head the mules right."Here, sit straight, both of you. Here goes mebbe for New Orleans, mebbe for Libby Prison, mebbe for the camp of the 200th Ind.