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      Go! he said, harshly. Leave me alone. I can not bear to speak to any one. I will go into the house by the back way. Tell no one that you have seen me; say nothing. I can rely upon your silence?

      You must drive your own ponies, he said; and then he grew red, for it seemed to him an unlucky speech, as if he wished to remind her that in reality her money had bought them; but Esmeralda was not thinking of money, of her wealth and his poverty, at that moment, and did not notice his embarrassment. The ponies were fresh, and her whole attention was taken up by them at the time. A faint tinge of color came to her face, as it always did when she was riding or driving, and she seemed to forget for the moment the cloud that hung over her life. Trafford watched her management of the ponies with admiration, which was shared by the boy behind, who talked about it for an hour when he got back to the stables.

      "You mean--his?" asked the absorbed embroiderer. But on her last word she stiffened upward with a low cry of agony, shut her eyes and swung her head as if about to faint. Flora had risen.

      My lady is not here, my lord, she said.


      For reply there came a light in Anna's face that shone into his heart and was meant so to shine, yet her dissent was prompt: "I must. I must. Oh, Capt--Captain Kincaid, I love that flag too well to let it go misnamed. It's the flag of all of us who made it, us hundred girls--"Yes, miss, said Barker, passing the strands of golden copper over her hands. It is all the fashion now; but you seldom see it with so much gold in it; none of the dyes can put the light on it youve got; and if you buy the hair, even if its real hair, of the very best quality, it hasnt the sheen on it like this. And she stroked the thick tresses lovingly and enviously.


      Wewe might give them to Barker, said Lady Wyndover, who knew full well that that remarkably well-dressed young woman would rather die than wear them.


      The rider could not wait. The police were pressing back the jubilant masses, swarms of ladies on the rear forms were standing up, and Flora, still seated, had leaned down beamingly and was using every resource of voice and fan to send him some word through the tumult of plaudits and drums. He spurred close. In a favoring hush--drum-corps inviting the band--she bent low and with an arch air of bafflement tried once more, but an outburst of brazen harmonies tore her speech to threads. Suddenly--