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      Allow me to introduce you, Mr. Pinchook, he said in his slow and languid way, to Miss Chetwynde.

      Lady Lilias beenrompingwith you? exclaimed Lady Wyndover, with wonder and something like awe.

      Thanks. May I ask you, Lord Druce, who the some one was who you told about that telegram which caused you to leave Belfayre so suddenly?

      Were on, Varley! responded Bill, briefly. Heres the boys accordin to orders; but they dont know what games afoot.

      The duke patted Traffords hand.That sounds easy enough, said Lord Norman, and any ordinary person could do it; but a duke cant. Hes got to live up to his position. Its a kind of duty. And so all the houses go on full swing, and a kind of royal state is kept up. The duke is treated like a prince. Theres an army of servants at Belfayre, and the stables are full of horses and carriages, and the whole place is like a palace. Its a show-place.

      As if Id broken my wrist, said Esmeralda. All right.



      The light flickered in his grasp as he swayed to his horses movements, but as its rays swept across the top of the coach, he saw a woman kneeling on one of the seats, her face, pale but fearless, bent down toward him.Suddenly, in the midst of a deal, his hand became motionless, and he looked up listeningly. His ears, quicker than the othersand they were by no means slowhad caught a significant sound.


      We are all one family, in a sense, he explained. You see, we have known each other for generations. Some of the families have been living here almost as long as we have, and few strangers come here; if they do, they settle down and become like the rest after a little time.